stoll-tec takes on assignments in the areas of interim management, technology audit and technology planning:

Interim management for your organization or for your project.

Are your resources tied up in day-to-day business and are people missing to realize necessary developments or changes? Does your project need fresh air and a view from the outside? Do you want to transform your organization with external support? stoll-tec assumes temporary operational tasks in your organization or in your project.


Technology and Project Audit

Have your technology organization or technology project analyzed as part of a technology audit. In doing so, processes, activities and the organization are examined, requirements and services are reviewed in order to derive strengths and potential for improvement, opportunities and risks. To strengthen your company, you will receive the analysis, recommended actions and a plan of action.


Technology planning

stoll-tec supports your company in all phases of technology and organization projects:

  • Concept development
  • Requirements specification
  • Internal and external project partners
  • Project schedule
  • Project transfer and project completion