Expansion, innovation and structural changes

In a change situation, stoll-tec supports you in safeguarding your existing know-how and in building up the necessary new know-how.

  • Review and integrate technology aspects into your M & A activities.
  • Build new know-how for your new venture.
  • Start a new business era with a start-up.
  • Secure your existing know-how in the event of structural changes.


Digital Transformation

The digital transformation holds both opportunities and risks for established companies. We help you to re-establish frozen and outdated precedures, to streamline production processes and product portfolios and to make them fit for the digital transformation. This ensures that your digital twin builds on simple, lean processes in the real world.


Strategy Development

Consider technological opportunities and risks in developing your business strategy. Technology offers many opportunities to derive the future direction of the company from global megatrends, limited resources, regulatory changes or new developments.

  • Increase the sustainability and efficiency of your business, products and services.
  • Develop platform strategies to simplify processes and products.
  • Strengthen the unique selling points.